January 14, 2019

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A day with "No Stress"

January 14, 2019

It all started with a conversation about which was the best region of Martinique. After over a decade of traveling around the world, an advantage that comes with being a semi-pro soccer player, Audrick, a young ambitious business man, decided to return to his native land and town to share his enriching human experiences. As we sat on the "place de Schoelcher " debating, exchanging ideas and quotes that marked us,  he declared out of nowhere that le Robert, was the best city in Martinique. 



His declaration provoked an outburst of laughter from me, for it was the first time my ears heard such statement. It rang like a deranging musical note. When we refer to beauty in Martinique, we tend to see images and hear stories that highlight the southern beaches, restaurants, hotels, and other spaces that attract large masses of tourists. Not le Robert! 


Troubled by my uncontrollable spontaneous laughter, he immediately countered by saying: "I'll show you why the Robert is the best."

He added, "by the time i get done with you, I am pretty sure that you will never look at the Robert the same way again. You will get a house in this town"  He said, with a confident smile, "you shall spend a day with 'No Stress'". 


A few days later, my phone rang, Audrick was on the other side with an enchanted tone to tell me to get ready for my world to be "rocked." 

"-Be at the Marina at 8h30, bring a backpack, a bathing suit and most importantly your sun glasses for you will not believe your eyes."

Saturday morning, as planned, I got up and went to the marina to discover  my "No Stress" day.

There it was, near the ponton waiting patiently. The long "Yole" boat was covered by a refreshing green that matchs the surrounding landscape.  "No stress" was rocking slowly to the sea movement.



We smiled at each other as he welcomed me on board, he explained the safety procedures then we set sail to discover the multi facets and the hidden treasures of le Robert.


The sun was rising but its burning and soothing presence was felt already. The sea in a submissive way inclined itself as if it was colluding with Audrick, to truly give me joy beyond what my thoughts could expect. 


Our first site was Islet Chancel. When we arrived, I was amazed at how this piece of land inhabited some of the precious artifacts that highlight Martinique's complex history. They are safely guarded by the various types of iguanas that would love to be the sole occupants of this space.


After an hour of discovery, it was time to, once again, hit the sea. While setting sail, I heard "surprise" he pulled out a plate filled with home made fried fish that entranced my tastebuds as I savored his refreshing home made fruit punch.




The next stop was "la Baignoire de Josephine" where we decided to take a quick dip in the clear, warm water. There, I discovered the floating bar.


It was the first time, I lived such a unique experience, while I was swimming I could drink my ti-punch rhum vieux in the water  :).




The emotional delight opened my appetite, we once more hit the water to go have lunch on the Islet Madame. He offered me some steamed chicken with various local vegetables. We had a home made desert all that with the unlimited cocktails that come with the package he offers for the experience.


 We spent the rest of the day there. I truly enjoyed the fact that there were so little people on the various sites. I could listen to the beautiful melodies offered by the natural elements as I took some time to meditate on the beauty surrounding me. I just laid there not having to fear anyone disturbing my peaceful state of wellbeing. The few individuals that were there knew Audrick pretty well, they gathered to have a friendly drink as they made a toast to life with no stress. 

















When we made it back to the marina, we took off in one of his rental cars to drive around the town for a final toast.


We finished in a local bar near the beach in Le Robert where I started to reminisce on the day I've just lived. Out of nowhere, I heard my awaited question: "now what do you think of Le Robert?".


We laughed because the competitor in him knew he was victorious.


Audrick, truly positions himself as an ambassador of Le Robert, the product he develops in a partnership with his retired father is well thought out. They are welcoming gentlemen that have a good sense of business and humor that  sets them apart. "No stress" goes beyond the sea, they also have well equipped cars that are available at incredible rates. They even have  partners that offer modern homes with top of the line equipments capables of making your stay in le Robert or Martinique unforgettable.


To sum up my experience, until now, I have called upon the services of "no stress" numerous times for a spin with friends and family. My visiting friend from Saint-Martin rented a car and expressed true satisfaction. If you want any further information concerning my "No Stress" experience or if you want to awaken your natural senses like I did, send us an email or simply leave us a comment and we will make sure to bring you the required answers.



For Trans'mission,

Yours truly Obed the Eye Lender.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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